AC Moving Iron Sq 96 Double Range Meters (2-in-1)

AC Moving Iron Sq 96 Double Range Meters (2-in-1)
Product Description
AC Moving Iron Sq 96 Double Range Meters (2-in-1)

Product Specification
TDi 96
Moving iron meter of 90° deflection.
2 in 1 series Panel Meters simultaneously measures 2 electrical parameters in single 96 x 96 mm meter.
Movement Type
Moving iron spring-mounted jewel bearing suspension
Voltage + Voltage, Ampere + Ampere, Voltage + Ampere
± 1.5% of full scale as per IS 1248
Current (A): 0-1A to 1-30A (Direct), Through CT/1A or /5A for Higher Currents
Voltage (V): 0-50V to 0-600V (Direct), Through PT for Higher Voltages
Self Consumption
Ammeters (upto 5A AC) - < 0.6 VA; Voltmeters (upto 500V AC) - < 5Va
Operating Voltage
600V RMS max.
Test Voltage
2.5 time for 1 min. at 50 hz
Construction and Design
According to IS 1248;
Case/Housing Material
Black Nylon dimensions as per DIN 43700
Black Polycarbonate & Black ABS
Glass Faceplate
Flat Glass
Mounting Fasteners / Clamps
Ergonomic easy mountable clamps and nuts for easy installation on switchboards, panels, Mosaics etc.
Temperature Conditions
-10°C to 55°C, RH<90% (Operating) and
Panel Cutout
90 x 90 mm
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